Yokohama Geolandar H / TS Tires Voted Best Buy by ConsumersDigest

Yokohama Tire Corporation's Geolandar H / TS tires are recognized as Best Buy 2009 by Consumers Digest in two categories - All Season SUV and Pickup (Geolandar G051) and Performance SUV and Pickup (GeolandarG052). To get additional details, view here: yokohama geolandar a/t g015 review

Yokohama Tire Corporation's Geolandar H / TS tires are recognized as Best Buy 2009 by Consumers Digest in two categories - All Season SUV and Pickup (Geolandar G051) and Performance SUV and Pickup (GeolandarG052).

The Best Buy list is compiled by the editors based on independent test results, consumer surveys, technical expert evaluations and field tests.

“The Best Buy award confirms that Yokohama is committed to quality and value for its products,” said Dan King, vice president of sales and marketing. "Geolandar H / TS are exceptional tires and we can be proud that this was also appreciated by the editorial staff."

According to Mr. King, Geolandar H / TS G051 and Geolandar H/ TS G052 provide a high level of durability, comfort and handling in all conditions. Available in 44 sizes from 15 "to 22". The comprehensive design and construction determines the ride quality, durability and excellent performance of Yokohama tires.

In addition, large lugs increase stability and grip in corners, and an exclusive rubber compound makes the tires more durable, cross grooves allow better handling of ice and snow in winter, and tread blocks that ensure constant contact with the road reduces low-pitched noise caused by air.passing through the grooves.

The Yokohama Geolandar H / TS G051 tires are sportier,featuring a one-piece, seamless nylon belt and sidewall shielding layer for greater structural strength, a higher speed index, non-directional tread pattern and a high-tech carcass profile for more responsive steering without affecting to the level of comfort.

Summer tires Yokohama

Yokohama summer tires are very popular with sporty drivers. And although the tires from this manufacturer are a little harsh, their handling and ability to keep the road are beyond praise. Plus, the dense rubber sidewalls of these tires protect the wheel from hernias after falling into a hole in the road. Winter tires of this brand are not something particularly outstanding and are not very popular with us, but their quality and reliability deserve special respect.


FORD EcoBoost Engines - How does the EcoBoost engine work?

With each passing year the automotive market shows us drivers and curious about the sector more and more news is not it ?! This time we are here to introduce you to all about Ford V10 Life Expectancy!

Whenever we talk about the EcoBoost engine , several questions arise, such as “Is the EcoBoost engine good ?”, “Is the Eco Boost engine economical ?”, “How does Ford's EcoBoost engine work ?”. Do not worry!We are here to show you everything about it and whether or not it is worth buying a Ford that has this incredible engine as technology!

As it is a new technology, we all have a great paradigm to be broken that may even prevent us from changing, especially when it comes to new technology, isn't it ?! But then let's find out how it works:

How does the ford Eco boost engine work?

The main attraction of the EcoBoost engine is the technology turbo factor, that is, it is an engine where power and economy are the main characteristics. It is divided into 3 main technologies , which are:

Direct fuel injection

This technology is used so that the correct amount of fuel is dosed directly into the engine cylinder, so the engine will work with a more precise cycle in order to avoid losing a few precious thousandths for the proper functioning of the turbo engine, generating savings, greater heat and less CO².

(According to Ford, the injectors used contain 7 holes each and work under high pressure 100% of the time the engine is running).


As everyone already knows the turbo these days is synonymous with power, right ?! And Ford knowing this incorporated in its EcoBoost engine a differentiated turbo system , bringing more durability and power the economyfactor.

The engine has a low inertia turbocharger (system that makes the engine contain torque even at low speeds) water cooled with electronic control.

Dual independent and variable valve control

This EcoBoost engine system's mission is to ensure the correct amount of air for burning fuels in the cylinder.

It allows the opening of the exhaust valve (through which the gases that the system will “no longer use” come out) later, thus generating a more complete burning and greater fuel economy for the vehicle.

Another factor to be addressed is the good use of valve crossing (the moment when the intake and exhaust valves are open) to increase the torque at low revs.

Now that we have explained to you readers how the system works, we are going to introduce you to a paradigm break where we will talk about the factory turbo engine and how much this technology for being positive and economical to you as a consumer!

Is the factory turbo engine more economical?

Many studies are done daily on the economics of turbo engines from various brands like Ford, Volkswagen, Chevrolet (GM), but are they really more economical than ordinary aspirated cars?

Yes! It can be yes and we will explain in a few words why!

Turbo cars are more economical due to their “new” technology and a perfect study by the automakers.

As the turbocharged system uses a turbine to compress parts of the exhaust gases that would not be used by the system, the amount of "air" that enters the system is considerably greater than the amount that would enter an ordinary aspirated car , everything due to the turbine rotors and their operation.